One of the business realities in this century is that it has become boundary-less. Business travel has become part of most organisations. Travelling worldwide comes with certain risks and responsibilities as your employees are certainly one of your organisation's most valuable asset. A business travel policy plan can cover any accident, sickness, loss and even medical attention in an emergency during travelling, providing absolute peace of mind for your employees' travel.


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Types of health Insurance

Protect yourself against Trip Cancellation, Evacuation Expenses and even Baggage and Personal Items loss. Learn more by contacting us here!

Start with One **

Just one employee in the company required to start the travel plan.

**Subject to plan

Employee Replacement Benefit

We cover additional costs incurred for sending substitute employee to complete work overseas.

Comprehensive Coverage

A comprehensive coverage includes missing baggage, flight disruptions, flight misconnections, as well as travel overbooking.

* Small to large businesses across all industries
* Growing Middle-market Companies
* Multi-national Corporations

* Depending on the selected plan, personal leisure trips can be covered. Most plans cover personal deviation from business trips.

* Each Corporate Travel Insurance policy will run for an entire year. During the entire course of the policy, all single overseas trips that do not not exceed 120 days by each and any employee is covered.

Under corporate travel, insurers will usually offer 3 tiers of plans to allow the company to choose from. Alternatively, if group sizes are allowed, plans can be customised as well.

* Simply leave us your contact for our Ion representatives to call you and help you process the transaction.

* A 24/7 Assistance hotline worldwide is offered by all plans to help with any referral or emergencies from missing passports to medical crisis. You can call to register your claim and seek guidance on filing a claim. Just give us a call and we will support you with the enquiry.

* Corporate travel plans starts with a minimum of 3-5 employees depending on the type of plan that is selected.

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