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Types of car Insurance

A comprehensive Car Insurance will cover Roadside Assistance, Daily Transport Allowance, Rented Car Allowance and more. Do contact us to enquire.

Choice of Authorised Workshop

Repairs can be done at the various workshops.

Courtesy Car

You can enjoy a replacement vehicle when your vehicle is being repaired.

Free 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Provides free towing services if your car breaks down, as well as roadside assistance to fix minor problems like flat tires.

NCD Protector

Protect against NCD reduction in the event of 1st claim during policy year.

New for Old Replacement

Applicable to vehicle within 36 months old (from vehicle first registration)

Excess waiver for in-car camera

Enjoy lower payments and prevent frauds when you share your in-car camera footage with us.

To qualify for car insurance, you must meet the following criteria:

-Be 21 to 70 years old
-Be residing in Singapore
-Be the registered owner of the car to be insured
-Be medically fit to drive and fulfill all driving regulations
-Have driving experience of at least 1 year
-Have not been previously denied from insurance for any reason
-Have made no more than 2 claims in the past 3 years
-Your car has no modification that are non-compliances or not approved by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA). This applies to new and renewed policies taken out on and after 16 Dec 2014.
-The car to be insured must not be more than 15 years old.
There are three types of car insurances to choose from: Third Party Only insurance; Comprehensive Car insurance and Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance.

Third Party Only Insurance
Third Party Only (TPO) insurance is the cheapest option out of the three, however it also provides the least coverage – it will only cover damages caused to other people’s property, such as their automobiles, house property or street signboards. If you cause injuries or death to passengers and other parties, your insurance company will also cover that. However, the policy will not cover damages to your own car.
If you encounter an accident that causes damage to both your's and the other person's car, the insurance will pay for the damage of the other person’s car, but it will not pay for damage done to your own car. You will have to bear the cost of repair of your own car.

People might opt for the TOP insurance option if they drive an old car that they are willing to scrap if the car is damaged. TPO insurance is the minimal coverage available for your vehicle. Take Note that not all insurance companies offers TPO insurance.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft
This policy is similar to the TPO policy. If you encouter an accident that causes damage to both your's and the other person's car,, the policy will cover damages to the other person's car only. However, this policy will further protect your car from damages on fire, vandalism or stolen.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
This option provides the most coverage out of the three options. In general, these policies will at least cover damage to your car from accidents – regardless of which parties is at fault – as well as protection to damage on fire, vandalism and theft. The policies will also protect you from damage that you cause to other person's property or injury caused to another. In a comprehensive insurance package, the coverage will be depending on the insurance company and the policy. Some insurance companies cover local riots and acts of God like earthquake, while some will not, or offer it as additional add-on and cost. Even for the same company, different policies can offer coverage for different aspects such as if your your personal items are insured.
If a bank loan is taken, it may be an complusory requirement from the bank that you must take on a comprehensive coverage to protect itself.

You can cancel your policy by writing in to notify us and returning the following documents to the insurer:
- Your original certificate of insurance.
- A photocopy of your sales agreement or de-registration letter from LTA, and
- A letter from you that states your intention of cancelling the policy. Please send your cancellation documents to your relevant insurer.

The cancellation will take effect from the date that we receive your original certificate of insurance and supporting documents or the date when your car was sold/de-registered, whichever comes first.

Your car insurance policy will cover Singapore and Malaysia, up to 80.5km of the border between West Malaysia and Thailand.

If the car accident happens within the insured geographical area of your policy, a police report is required from the country where it happened. When you return to Singapore, you are required to report the accident to any of the insurer-approved reporting centres with the police report you have made.

Do take note on certain pointers that could cause the insurance policy to be voided, and driving without insurance is a criminal offence.

If you got into an accident and did not provide a accurate and truthful statement on what happened, the insurance company can refuse to cover when it was found out that there are falseful information in it.

Lack of cooperativeness
Refusal to cooperate with the insurance company or not providing the relevant information to investigate may cause the claim to be denied.

You are found to have commited drink driving or drove under the influence of drugs
The policy will not cover instances of wrongdoing on driving after drinking or taking of drugs.

Higher premiums can happen to people with a not-so-good driving record due to the high risk involved. Some may attempt to lower their premiums by buying car insurance using another name of a better driver. This is known as fronting and it is considered a fraud to the insurance companies.

If the insurance company founds out there is fronting behaviour, no claims will be entertained and the insurance will probably be cancelled as well. Do take note that even if just lying on your driving details even without fronting, the policy may still be voided.

Illegal activities
Any illegal recreational purposes, for example, participating in a street race will not be covered in the insurance policy and claims will be denied.

Modifications to your car
Car modifications must be LTA-approved. When you purchase a car insurance policy, you must also declare on any modifications done to your car, a any undeclared ones may cause your claim to be rejected. Take note that certain companies consider modifications done to the car when deciding the premium for the car insurance policy, while some companies will not insure the modification parts to the car.

If you have already purchased the policy and want to make modification to your car, do check with your insurance company on if these modifications are accepted in the policy.

Using your car for commercial purposes
Car insurance policies cover private usage only. For car being used for commerical purposes or for earning money, this policy is not applicable and will void it if you have one. For such cases, you will reqire coverage for the commericial use of your vehicle.

At the scene of the accident

• Check for casualties and injuries
If there are injured personnel, call for an ambulance at 995 immediately. Do not move the injured person while waiting as it could further complicate the injury.

• Call and report the accident to the police
Call 999 if the accident involves fatalities, injuries, damages to public property and foreign vehicles.

• Gather evidence at the scene of accident
Do take pictures related to the accident scene and it's surrounding areas. The picture should include location landmark if possible, car skid marks, damage done to vehicle (Licence plate should be visible) and debris nearly. In-car camera footage should be saved and take note of the date, time, weather and road conditions as well.

• Do not shift any of the evidence and vehicles at the scene
Try not to move any vehicles involved in the accident. If required on scenarios such as obstruction of traffic, ensure that there are enough photographs or footages of the accident scene before moving. This is because it may affect parties liabilities before evidence's are gathered by the relevant parties.

• Exchange important information with other parties
Whenever possible, exchange contact information with the other party, including pedestrians or witness when applicable. These information should include: Full name, NRIC/FIN number, contact phone number, address and insurer details.

After the Accident

Report to your Insurance Company of the accident
Insurance companies should be informed within 24 hours of the accident or next working day. Failure to do that may cause the insurance company to reject your claim. This may also affect the no claim discount when renewing the policy or even be rejected the next round.

• Submit your claims
Always check with the insurance company on procedures to follow after reporting accidents and claim, such as on where to send your car for damage accessment and repair as each insurancy company may have their own preferred choices. You will be required to complate the Motor Accident Report form, you should check on the condition and satisfaction of the repair after it is completed.

To claim from the other party, contact their insurance company and allow them to investigate and assess your car before sending for repair. The other insurer will have up to two days from the point of contact to assess the damage.

The third party insurer will be required to compensate you for the loss of use of the vehicle over the assessment period. The third party insurance company will make an offer to settle the claim once they have assessed and found to be legitimate. You will need to endorse a claims discharge to prove your acceptance of the claim settlement.

If you require the third party insurance detail but unable to get them at the point of accident, you can retrieve the information from the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) website.
Take note that every successful search will incur a fee of $7.49 (including GST)

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