Protect against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage with your General Liability policy. Tap into the insurers' extensive network and consolidate your global risk management strategies under one roof.

We also help you to access broad insurance coverage through customised regional or global risk management programmes and liability insurance solutions.


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Types of general liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance covers you and your company for claims involving bodily injuries and property damage resulting from your products or services. Do contact us to enquire.

High limits available

We have high limits available.

Global Risk Management

Consolidate your global risk management strategies under one roof.

Cover for Defence Costs

We help see you through your legal battles and cover your compensation payments and defence costs.

General liability insurance covers common risks that come with interactions with individuals outside of the company. This includes protection from customer property damage and injuries, for example, a customer slipping on a wet floor at your premises. This insurance also covers slander, copyright infringement as well as other advertising injuries.

This will depend on multiple factors, such as the type of business and size it is, the number of employees you have, as well as the type of customers you will typically work with. Generally, many small businesses opt for the standard $1 million / $2 million general liability policy. This policy will pay up to $1 million to cover a claim, with a limit of $2 million during the lifetime of the policy, which lasts up to one year.

Contractors will need protection that the general liability insurance can provide if a customer or client holds you accountable for property damage or an injury. Some clients require you to obtain insurance coverage before signing a contract. Some industries such as construction will require independent contractors to be covered under a general liability insurance. If it is not required, independent contractors can purchase this to protect themselves from any potential common lawsuits.

No, it is not. but many contracts will most likely require you to have a general liability insurance. In such cases, you will need to purchase a policy plan if you want to sign commercial projects or a client contract. For some professional licenses, they would also require you to provide proof that you are covered under the general liability insurance.

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