Our range of Group medical plans will help to take care of your employees, the company's most important assets. A group plan can be a great option for providing healthcare coverage to your employees. Do you know that group health insurance policy can include coverage for pre-existing conditions that may be excluded from individual plans? *

* Subject to terms and conditions

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Types of group health Insurance

Common types of Group Health insurance options include Fully-Insured Plans, Self-Funded Plans, Level-Funded Plans and many more.  Do contact us to enquire.

International Coverage

Covers the medical expenses should your employee be hospitalised while overseas.

Overseas Employee Coverage

If you have overseas-based employees, you have the option to extend your plan to cover them as well.

24 Hours Assistance and Guarantee

We provide 24-hours medical assistance, as well as payment guarantees for inpatient admissions to hospitals.

* Small to large business across all industries
* Growing Middle-market Companies
* Multi-national Corporations

These are optional riders that you can include in your plan for an additional premium.

Depending on which insurer and policy you purchase, some plans can include worldwide and include or exclude USA. If your plan covers Worldwide including USA, you can receive treatment anywhere in the world. If you your plan covers Worldwide excluding USA, you can receive treatment anywhere except within the USA. Let us know and we can reccommend the relevant plans based on your needs.

The minimum group size will depend on the plan that is selected.

When creating your tailored plan, you will have the option of adding deductibles. If you select a deductible, you would only need to pay this once during the duration of cover, regardless of the number of claims you have. An example would be if you choose a deductible of $300, you will need to pay the first $300 of a covered claim or covered claims in any period of cover directly to your hospital, clinic or doctor at the time of treatment. So if your treatment costs are $500, you'll need to pay $200, and the insurer will pay the remaining $300 of covered costs.

If you have experienced symptoms before the start date of your policy, whether diagnosed or not, the insurer can decide to add special exclusions to your plan. It is important that you are truthful and accurate in your answers within the medical questionnaire when applying for the plan. There are blanket coverage that can be arranged for pre-existing conditions that will remove the waiting period if you meet certain criteria on the number of employees and claims experience.

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