Workplace accidents can occur, causing disruptions to your business. Every organisation should prepare for the unexpected. With a choice of Personal Accident Group policy designed to empower your companies and organisations of all sizes with a comprehensive insurance plan, you can enjoy powerful incentives and have a peace of mind for your employees.


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Types of group personal accident Insurance

Group Personal Accident provides a comprehensive coverage for all expenses associated with accidents. Learn more by contacting us here!

Accidental Death and Disability Payouts

High coverage for accidental death and disability payouts.

Rehabilitation Benefits **

Rehabilitation benefits includes mobility aids and home rehabilitation renovation expenses.

**Subject to plan

Wide range of Coverage

Comprehensive coverage which includes death and permanent disabilities, as well as emergency medical evacuation and hospital allowance.

It is available for most industries and is flexible enough to cover every employee from any class.

Benefits include coverage for accident-related injuries, death, permanent disabilities as well accident medical reimbursements, emergency medical evacuation, and hospital allowance.

The range of applicable age of the Insured Member must be from 12 months to 65 years (age during next birthday).

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