Whether your home is a HDB flat or a condo, it's where life happens and memories are made. Your home has a value beyond dollars and cents.

While a fire insurance might cover the internal structure of your home, it does not protect what's inside your home. That's why you will need a Home policy to provide the support to repair or replace all the details that made your home special, to make it whole again.


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Types of home Insurance

Home Insurance includes Zero excess due to burst pipes or fire, tenant default protection and more. Do contact us to enquire.

First Loss Protection Policy

Select the coverage that suits your needs the best and we will pay up to the sum assured*.

Provides Risk Consulting

Our highly trained consultants will provide security and fire prevention advice, making sure that you are fully protected.

Alternative Accommodation

If your home becomes inhabitable, we will cover the costs of temporary accommodation.

All Singaporeans and Permanent Residents or foreigners employed in Singapore with a local address are eligible to purchase the policy.

Identity documents defines as your identity card, passport, driver’s license, immigration permit, birth certificate, employment pass and other documents of identity of yourself and those issued by the governmental authorities of Singapore.

• Named Perils basis – The exclusions will be similar as those under the Buildings section.
• All Risks basis – The possible exclusions are as follows:

- Theft, if the house is left unoccupied for more than a stipulated number of days or if the house or any part of it is lent or let, unless force is used to enter the house;
- Theft of money and credit cards above a stipulated amount;
- Theft by deception or by any person lawfully present in the insured house;
- Malicious damage or vandalism if the house is left unoccupied for a specified number of days;
- Bad-natured damage or vandalism by any person lawfully present in the insured house;
- Malicious damage or vandalism if the house or any part is lent or let out;
- Escape of water or oil from any washing machine, dishwasher or fixed domestic water or heating installation if the insured house is unoccupied.

• Any loss or damage which the HDB has undertaken or is legally bound to make good at its own expense (if the insured property is a HDB flat);
• confiscation or requisition of property by order of the government authority ;
• loss of or damage to the property owing to its own fermentation and natural heating;
• any other consequential loss other than the loss of rent;
• loss of or damage to the building under construction or repair caused by hurricane, cyclone, typhoon or windstorm;
• loss of or damage to property by subsidence and landslip (unless extended);
• any flood damage other than those covered by the policy
• loss of or damage to:

- motor vehicles, watercraft and other accessories and spare parts;
- livestock and pets;
- property used or held in trust for business purposes;
- medals, coins, stamps, documents and manuscripts; and
- deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques, securities of money, cash, currency notes, bank notes and stored value cards.

Please inform the insurer in writing if you are moving to another address for us to update the address in the policy schedule.

Send us a message when we would be glad to assist you.