Accidents happen whenever and wherever you least expect them. That's why a comprehensive personal accident insurance that provides cover when you are abroad is so important.

With coverage of up to S$500,000 for accident-related permanent disabilities plus other benefits, your policy ensures that you're in safe hands, financially.

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Types of personal accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance may include Death Benefits, Permanent and/or Partial Disability, Temporary Disability, Outpatient Treatments and many more. Do contact us to get a comprehensive overview before deciding on 1.

Free Coverage for you children **

If both you and your spouse are insured. Your children will receive free coverage.

**selected plans only

Coverage for TCM Treatments

If you decide to go for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. We will also reimburse you for your treatments.

Comprehensive Coverage

We have a comprehensive coverage, which includes accidental death, accidents, as well as animal and insect bites.

Flexible Payment Arrangements

You can choose to pay annually or monthly with your GIRO or credit card, ensuring that you are always protected.

Weekly benefit for Temporary Disability

If you are unable to go to work due to temporary disability, resulting in income loss, we will pay a weekly benefit.

Covers Personal and Family Liabilities **

Insures you against third party claims for bodily injury or property damage caused by you or your family.

**selected plans only

It is subjected to the type of policy. Most policies have an eligible age from 16 to 70 years old. The policy is renewable up to 75 years old.

"Free Look Period" refers to the first 14 days from which the date of policy commences. If you are not satisfied with the policy, you may cancel it within 14 days starting from the date on the receipt.

No, premiums for Personal Accident policies do not increase with age.

Firstly, fill in the personal accident claim form, then mail the original *supporting documents to the insurer. Supporting documents:

- For medical expenses
- medical invoices (treating doctor is required to state diagnosis; further information/if the condition is complicated, duly completed medical report may be required)
- For death claim
- death certificate, autopsy report, coroner's findings, proof of relationship between the insured and claimant (e.g. birth/marriage certificate)
- For permanent disability
- medical and/or specialist's report
- For temporary disability
- medical leave certificate

*Please note the list of documents listed above is not exhaustive. We will contact you directly if other documents are required for your claim.

No, your insurer will not pay for any medical report(s) that have been obtained from hospitals, clinics or doctor. Any proof of the illness or injury to support your claim will be at the expense of the insured/claimant.

Send us a message when we would be glad to assist you.