As shoppers become more digitally sophisticated and better aware of their rights, you'll find your company vulnerable to lawsuits, whether you're a manufacturer, exporter or retailer. 

Beyond protecting your business against litigation, we can help minimise your business against litigation, we can help minimise your exposure to global product liability regulations if you have operations abroad.


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Types of product liability Insurance

Product Liabilities can protect you against Design Defects, Production or Manufacturing Flaws, Misleading or Defective Warnings and more. Do contact us to enquire.

Flexible Arrangements

Can be purchased on a stand-alone basis.

Large Capacity Limit

We have a comprehensive capacity limit for this plan.

Supports broad range of business sectors

We support a broad range of business sectors, which includes retail and distribution businesses.

No, it is not. This is commonly included in a General Liability Insurance policy. Usually, many commercial landlords and clients will require you to purchase a general liability insurance in order to fulfill the terms of lease or contract. You will need to provide proof of general liability coverage in order to apply for certain professional licenses.

Product liability insurance will cover risks that are related to products that are sold or manufactured by your business.

No, it does not. It can pay for the legal costs if the product is recalled after a customer is injured. You can add product recall insurance to your general liability policy if you would like product recalls to be covered for you.

Product liability insurance includes design, manufacturer and marketing defects and will protect your business from customer injuries and property damage from defective products.

The process of claiming from a Product liability insurance is the same as claiming from a general liability insurance. Call your insurer and they will need you to provide a description of the incident and basic information such as your name, business name and your policy number. If you have any additional questions, let your insurer know and they will provide the anwers to your queries.

Early cancellation of your policy will cause you to be at risk for paying more for coverage in the future, and have your business be exposed to potential risks. Businesses that start and cancel their coverage will usually be charged higher rates by insurance companies.

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