We understand that SMEs are usually more vulnerable to fluctuating economic conditions and business interruptions due to smaller cash flows.

We have been concentrating on package policies for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) clients, which offer wide standard cover with optional add-ons and provide SMEs with the protection they need, according to their requirements.


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Types of SME Insurance

SME Insurance can protect you against Public Liability, Work Injury Compensation, Loss due to Fidelity and many more. Do contact us to enquire.

Free Rental Expenses

Your rental expenses are covered.

Inland Transit

We provide Inland transit for loss or damages to goods in transit.

Fidelity Guarantee

We provide Fidelity Guarantee for loss of goods or money by dishonest acts of employees.

No. Every proposal form covers only one location. If you have multiple locations, separate proposal forms will need to be made for each location.

The pre-underwritten packages are available for six industries – Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Retail, Office, Beauty and Education, each with a separate proposal form.

Yes. Every industry package will include a minimum premium. If there are extensions added, there will be additional premium that will be charged on top of the current minimum premium.

There is no maximum wage roll which applies to the packages as long as the total number of employees do not exceed 25.

Yes, all employees under the business must be covered under this policy. If they are not covered, the insured may not be indemnified for the full extent of their own liability. This is because the insured will be deemed as his own insurer, which is to the extent of the shortfall in employee head count and annual wages. The insured will also have to bear a rateable portion of the liability.

In the event that the maximum threshold is exceeded, the insurer will have the right to review the rating structure of the packages and is a material change to the original application. This will affect the premium rate.

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