Under WICA, employers are required to maintain insurance for the following employees :

However, employees are susceptible to legal liability for claims under both WICA and also the Common Law for all employees, even if they are not under the categories mentioned above. As such, the insurers have developed comprehensive WIC policy to safeguard employers’ liability, and offer value-added services.


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Types of health Insurance

Work Injury Compensation provides different benefits and covers different types of injuries. It can also help cover costs to settle claims. Do contact us to enquire.

Medical Rehabilitation

Manages serious accidents and promotes early return to work.

Comprehensive Coverage

We have a comprehensive coverage that include occupational therapy as well as physiotherapy.

Coverage for TCM Treatments

If you decide to go for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, we will also reimburse you for your treatments.

In accordance to the Work Injury Compensation Act, the policy will cover the liability of the employer to pay compensations to employees that suffer work-related injuries, occupational illness or diseases while on the job.
All employees that are engaged under a contract of service or apprenticeship, regardless of their salary level is covered under WICA.
A civil suit against the employer can be filed by an injured employee under the common law for damages to claim from either WICA or common law but is unable to claim from both.

Here are some of the things that you can claim under WICA:

1) Medical Expenses
2) Lump Sum Compensation for Death of Permanent Incapacity
3) Medical Leave Wages

The computation of the amount of compensation is based on a fixed formula and is subjected to capping.

The common Law Limit is S$10,000,000 for any one claim or series of claims that arises from one event.

Visit www.mom.gov.sg for more details.

The amount of premium that you pay will depend on these factors:

- Nature of Business
- Employee’s Scope of Work
- Place of Employment
- Claim History
- Our underwriting requirements

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